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Thanks to our long-lasting experience of over 140 years, we have a proven expertise of the Swiss Market (highly fragmented and marked by different cultures and national languages), and well established contacts in all channels of distribution.


Our structure with a short path decision capability, allows easy integration of new brands and products in our portfolio and quick launching in the market.


Our combined presence in the OTC and FOOD sectors generates unique synergies and make our partners benefit from exceptional assets.



F. Uhlmann-Eyraud S.A.

  • Mother company, OTC sector, located in Meyrin-Geneva
  • Distribution of pharmaceutical and cosmetic products in Switzerland
  • GMP / GDP Certifications
  • Swissmedic Certification for the distribution of medicines and medical devices
  • Marketing and Sales OTC
  • Business Development OTC
  • Shared services for administration, accounting and logistics


Dabso S.A.

  • Affiliate company, located in Burgdorf-Bern, created in 2003
  • Ideal geographic situation close to the actors of the sector
  • Distribution of products in the FOOD sector
  • Strenght: convenience (retail, kiosks, gas stations)
  • Marketing and Sales FOOD
  • Business Development FOOD


Our rich experience of over 140 years and our deep understanding of regional requirements of the Swiss market enable us to control all the key disciplines of distribution:


Excellent longtime contacts in all different distribution channels on the whole Swiss territory

All the market leading retailers, convenience stores, specialised outlet chains, as well as the pharmacy or drugstore chains and all wholesalers are our clients since many years.

All Key-Accounts on the Swiss market are part of our client portfolio

Besides these key-accounts, we are very attentive in serving the individual customers.

OTC : 2’304 points of sale visited regularly (1‘791 pharmacies / 513 drugstores)

FOOD : 5500 frequently visited points of sale (65% direct customers / 35% centralised stores)


We have separate marketing and sales teams especially dedicated to each sector, working together in order to take advantage of all possible synergies

Our know-how covers the full range of marketing mix :

  • Market research
  • Competitive analyses
  • Packaging und Displays
  • Marketing Plans
  • Classic and online media planning (TV, cinema, press, advertising, social media, viral marketing)
  • Creation of media supports (press, advertising, TV spots, online)
  • Advertising and consumer promotions
  • Sampling and sponsoring
  • Fairs and exhibitions
  • Public relations


Our fully computerised logistic is flexible and perfectly adapted to the specific needs of the Swiss market

We serve 100% of the 10’000 clients of the Swiss OTC and FOOD market directly and the rest through wholesalers

Development of specific packages tailored to customer demands and market requirements (over-labeling, mailings, multipacks, a.s.o.)

Quality control

High storage capacity in rooms with controlled temperature


  • 1878

    Foundation of F. Uhlmann-Eyraud in Geneva by Mr. Frédéric Uhlmann (married to Mrs. Elisa Eyraud) for mineral water and hygiene products trading.

  • 1892

    First edition of the catalog!

  • 1903

    Creation of the Zurich subsidiary. Pharmaceutical specialties are now sold throughout Switzerland from Geneva and Zurich.

  • 0908

    F. Uhlmann-Eyraud SA focuses on the trade of pharmaceutical, sanitary and cosmetic products sold in pharmacies and drugstores

  • 1922

    Mr. Frédéric Uhlmann-Eyraud is a pioneer in providence matters. He is one of the first entrepreneurs who establishes a  pension fund for his employees. The first  allocation is guaranteed by his generous private donation.

  • 1936

    Launch of the Tampax brand on the Swiss market. Representation until the late nineties.

  • 1937

    New representation of Ohropax earplugs and Warz-Ab, the oldest still existing brands in our product portfolio.

  • 1971

    Opening of the Lausanne branch by absorbing the pharmacists and druggists customers of Union Romande and Amann SA

  • Logo Fisherman's Friend

    Launch in Switzerland of the extra strong lozenges FISHERMAN'S FRIEND, which have since become cult. With this launch, the company begins to develop in the food trade and becomes known in this sector.

  • 1980

    New representations for Procter & Gamble (Pantene, Oil of Olay, Kukident, Vicks, Old Spice, Clearasil, Blend-a-med, ...) until the end of the nineties.

  • 1992

    The relocation of the  Zurich subsidiary to Fehraltdorf is the occasion for adopting new IT solutions and installing new technical equipments. The orders are now treated by using the most advanced automated processes.

  • 1994

    Introduction of  Stop Hémo, hemostatic products manufactured by Laboratoires Brothier.

  • 1997

    New representation of St. Dalfour, the 100% natural fruit spread with no added sugar.

  • 2001

    The owner family decides to concentrate the activities on the distribution of health products in Switzerland and divest the wholesaler activities (subsidiaries of Lausanne and Zurich).

  • 2003

    The company DABSO S.A. is created for taking over the marketing, sales and business development activities in the food sector in order to act more specifically and efficiently.

  • 2006

    New representation of Epitact, the specialist for medical foot care products.

  • 2011

    Launch of the cereal bars Taste of Nature. This canadian range of products has an execptionnel taste and is 100% organic, vegan, kosher, without food additives, gluten, preservatives or artificial colouring…

  • 2012

    Launch of the long-lasting refreshing mints PROfresh manufactured by FISHERMAN'S FRIEND,  with green tea and minty-fresh herbs

  • 2014

    The fifth generation of the owner family takes over the reins of the company.

  • We celebrate our 140th anniversary!



    We currently do not have any job openings.


F. Uhlmann-Eyraud S.A.

Dabso S.A.


28, chemin du Grand-Puits
1217 Meyrin – GE
Phone +41 22 989 31 00
Fax +41 22 989 31 05


Kirchbergstrasse 105
3401 Burgdorf – BE
Phone +41 34 420 03 20
Fax +41 34 420 03 25